Cafe Mozaic Catering Prices

Starters (Cold)  
Homemade Harissa £0.25
Stuffed Vine leaves x2 £0.50
preserved lemons £0.75
Feta salad £1.00
Hummous (Lebanese chickpea dip) £1.25
Tzaziki (yogurt, mint and cucumber dip) £1.25
Spicy Carrot salad £1.25
Beetroot salad £1.25
Spicy Potato salad £1.25
Green beans and tomatoes £1.25
Green beans and walnuts £1.25
Coleslaw £1.25
Mixed beans £1.25
Couscous salad £1.25
Moroccan salad (vine tomatoes, cucumber, onion, parsley & corriander) £1.25
Grilled halloumi marinated in herbs, chilli, garlic and olive oil £1.25
Fattoush £1.25
Roasted red peppers £1.25
Taboule (bulgar wheat, parsely, corriander, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil) £1.50
Marinated Olives £1.50
Okra with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil £1.50
Rocket & Parmesan salad £1.50
Taktouka (spiced mixed peppers)  £1.50
Chickpeas and aubergines £1.75
Marinated Artichoke hearts £1.75
Mains (hot)  
Lamb kefta kebab (lightly spiced mince lamb kebabs) £3.50
Lamb meat balls with tomato sauce £3.50
Lamb tagine (traditonally cooked marinated lamb with seasonal vegetables) £4.75
Lamb Curry £4.25
Mozaic Lamb (sholder of lamb steamed with Arabic spices) £4.75
Chicken kefta kebab £3.50
Chicken curry £3.75
Moroccan chicken with preserved lemons and green olives £2.50
Breaded chicken £3.50
Lemon Chilli chicken (chicken marinated in lemon & chilli & tomotoes) £3.75
Chicken shwarma (chicken marinated in Middle Eastern shwarma spices) £3.75
Chicken tagine (traditonally cooked marinated chicken with seasonal vegetables) £3.75
North African chicken (rice, chickpeas, sultanas, dried apricots, chicken and lots of spices) £2.75
Mini Moroccan Pastillas (Chicken and almond) £2.75
Mozaic Fish Tagine £3.00
Fish brochettes (grilled fish kebabs) £3.00
Poached Salmon and dill mayonaise £3.00
Batata Hara - spicy potatoes and roasted peppers £1.50
Felafel x4 (deep fried chickpea & broad pea cake) £1.50
Roasted saffron potatoes £1.50
Taktouka £1.50
Zalouka (marinated steamed aubergine and spices) £1.50
Lentils with carrots, celery and leeks £1.50
Chickpeas & pumpkin curry £2.25
Mozaic vegetarian curry £3.25
Plain rice £1.25
Spiced rice £1.25
Brown rice (rice with vermicelli and sweet spices) £1.25
keema rice (Rice with mince meat) £1.50
Fruit salad £1.50
Mozaic Chocolate Brownie £1.25
Spicy Tiramisu (it is slightly different from the usual tiramisu - no alcohol) £2.25
Briwat (filo pastry triangles stuffed with mixed nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg & rosewater) £1.50
Baklava £1.75
Moroccan cookies (les cornes de gazelle) £1.50
Moroccan Mint tea £1.25